Amul increases milk supply to compensate for milk shortage in Mumbai and Pune

Due to the floods in areas in Western Maharashtra, over 1,000 milch animals have died and on the other hand, a shortage of fodder has occurred which has resulted in a milk shortage in cities like Mumbai and Pune

Amul increases milk supply to compensate for milk shortage in Mumbai and Pune

In an attempt to overcome milk shortage across the state, the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), the owner of the Amul brand, has increased its milk supply to Mumbai and other cities in Maharashtra. 

The floods that lasted for close to a week resulted in the death of nearly 1000 milch animals and alongside caused an acute shortage of fodder. Alongside, people faced severe damage to their properties, standing crops and animal husbandry.

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The leading milk suppliers in Maharashtra, consisting of Gokul and Warna have been staring at a huge decline in the daily procurement of milk from farmers in western Maharashtra. Additionally,  disruption in transportation services also resulted in supply cuts to the cities like Mumbai and Pune. On average, Mumbai and Pune have an estimated daily consumption of 6 million litres and 2.5 million litres, respectively.

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R S Sodhi, Managing Director, GCMMF stated that they are pushing to supply more milk to overcome the deficit caused by the floods. He also claimed that if the need arose, they will supply more milk to the cities.

Sodhi also assured that the milk had been procured from Gujarat and parts of Maharashtra and the selling price of the milk too had not been increased.