BEST passes deficit budget

    BEST passes deficit budget
    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbai – BEST undertaking has passed its annual budget for the year 2017-18 in a meeting held here on Friday. The BEST administration has passed deficit budget of Rs 590.74 crore by making a provision of Rs 25 crore bonus for employees. Looking at the forthcoming municipal elections, no fare hike has been proposed in the budget. Though there is a rule of presenting the surplus budget, BEST administration has passed a realistic budget with the deficit of Rs 590.74 crore. Shiv Sena suggested that there should a bonus provision for the employees as the BEST registered profit in last two years. The electricity division of the BEST has registered a profit of Rs 1000 crore due to the scrapping of the TDLR. The expected expenditure of Rs 6551.58 crore in proposed in the budget.

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