BEST to introduce new 1000 midi-mini AC buses

BEST to buy new buses on the wet lease where the private contractors will look after maintenance and BEST officials will deploy conductors to collect revenue

BEST to introduce new 1000 midi-mini AC buses

On Thursday, the BEST management, at the budget meeting said that they are planning to run buses at a frequency of three-four minutes by introducing 1,000 midi and mini AC buses on wet lease across the city. BEST general manager Surendrakumar Bagde said that this move will attract at least 1,000 new commuters on a daily basis.

Under the wet lease model, the new buses will be driven, owned and maintained by private contractors who will also pay for fuel while BEST officials will only hire conductors who will collect revenue through ticket sales and will generate income through advertisements.

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Bagde said that recently introduced circular bus routes with midi buses in areas such as Churchgate and Dadar, proved beneficial as it saw a surge in commuters.

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