BMC on an austerity drive

    BMC on an austerity drive
    Mumbai  -  

    The BMC commissioner has decided to trim the budget for its establishment department. while realigning the human resource at the BMC many regular posts which may not fit the bill will be removed. This will reduce the burden of a daily expense of 2500 Cr for the BMC.

    In its austerity drive, the BMC has decided to remove certain posts like clerks, drivers etc. Their work will be realigned to one single post. There will be no posts like keyman, labour, driver in the water department.

    The BMC had already clampt down on the overtime for employees in their austerity drive. Earlier employees have reimbursed their mobile and telephone expenses on submission of proper bills, but now the BMC will give all their employees a standard amount instead of reimbursement.

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