Will we see a firefighting robot join the Mumbai Fire Brigade?

The Mumbai Fire Brigade department has planned to buy a thermal-camera-assisted robot at the cost of Rs. 92 lakh who will assist in the firefighting

Will we see a firefighting robot join the Mumbai Fire Brigade?

In Mumbai, fire incidents have been on the rise where firefighters have put their lives in danger in order to bring the situation under control. Many have been injured and many have lost their lives. In order to put an end to this, the Mumbai Fire Brigade department has plans to buy a thermal-camera-assisted robot, who will assist in the firefighting.

The city’s fire brigade will acquire the robot for a cost of ₹92 lakh. Fire brigade officers will remotely guide the Chinese technology-made robot to the source of the fire and douse it. The inbuilt thermal cameras will help fire brigade officers to see through both smoke and darkness.

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The fire brigade has plans to use the robot in congested areas and if the fire is caused by a chemical leakage. For now, the proposal has been tabled before the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) standing committee and they will take a decision on Friday.

A fire brigade official said that the robot’s body is made up of aluminum sheets which can withstand temperatures up to 700 degree Celsius. He added that the robot can spray water and foam mist up to 80m. He further added that the robot will come in handy if there's a fire in dilapidated structures, multi level basements without ventilation or places with narrow passageways. 

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For now, the firefighting robot will be a pilot project and more robots will be procured depending on its success. This year, the civic body has allotted ₹151 crore towards the acquisition of new technology, as compared to the ₹165 crore in 2017. The BMC has also planned to buy fire-mapping drones.

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