The more, the merrier: Byculla zoo may add one female and two male birds to its penguin crew

The penguins which are probably going to be brought in will consist of a female penguin and two male penguins and will be an addition to the family of existing seven penguins at Byculla zoo.


A possible addition to the Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan VA Pranisanghralaya’s Humboldt penguins could help find three-year-old Bubble, a partner. Popularly known as Byculla zoo, the zoo can soon get one female and two male penguins.

The zoo is in talks with procurement agency Goa Trade, which was associated with them in flying in the existing colony seabirds, to add two more males and one female. The officials have stated that they are already in communication with the agency as the zoo is large enough to carry 25 penguins.

Also, one of the major reasons to bring new male penguins is to help Bubble find a partner who is the only penguin partner-less.  Zoo authorities hope that Bubble finds a new partner if the additional male penguins are brought in.

In the meantime, the newborn chick who hatched on Independence Day is doing fine. However, the citizens will have to wait a little longer to see it.