BMC to equip Polling booths with CCTV cameras

    BMC to equip Polling booths with CCTV cameras
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    Mumbai - The Municipal election is round the corner. In order to avoid any hassle during the voting process, major security steps have adhered to the civic body. Publication of electoral rolls is a necessary part of an election process. It ensures free and fair election and promotes transparency and accountability. But unfettered access to electronic electoral databases may have an adverse effect and it may pose threat to the privacy of the voters and also lead to the security breach. Thus to ensure smooth functioning of the electoral process, around 2,500 CCTV cameras will be installed at the booth in the city. Number of CCTV cameras that will be installed are as follows -

    City - 600
    Western Suburbs - 1,100
    Eastern Suburbs - 800
    Around Rs, 2.5 crores will be spent on the installation of surveillance cameras. Every polling booth will have 1 camera, 1 digital video recorder (DVR), and 1 monitor.

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