Complete lockdown imposed in Mira-Bhayandar from July 1 to July 10

As of June 29, 2020, Mira-Bhayandar had a total of 3,396 coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. Report also reveals that so far more than 9,000 swab samples have been tested.

Complete lockdown imposed in Mira-Bhayandar from July 1 to July 10

The number of coronavirus cases in several cities across Maharashtra has seen an exponential increase over the last few days. On Monday, June 29th, the state government announced an extension of lockdown until July 31 and also mentioned that some areas in several cities of Maharashtra will be observing a complete lockdown over the next few weeks, where only essential items will be available, and the decision was taken to control and curb the spread of coronavirus infection. 

However, on Tuesday, June 30, the Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) decided to impose a complete lockdown across all areas in Mira Road and Bhayandar, from June 1 to July 10, 2020, where only home delivery will be allowed.

Over the last few weeks, the locality has seen a rise in the number of cases. Data from the State Health Ministry mentions that a total of 3,396 cases were identified in Mira-Bhayandar on June 29.

As of June 29, more than 9,000 swab samples were tested, of which more than 3,000 tested positive, and reports of 369 samples are awaited. So far, 2,211 patients have recovered from coronavirus infections and 142 deaths have been registered. Currently, the locality has around 812 active coronavirus cases and with the efforts, officials at MBMC are trying hard to reduce the number over the next few weeks. 

Until date, the highest single-day jump in coronavirus cases was observed on June 11, with 145 cases, reported in one day. 

On Sunday, June 28, the coronavirus tally in Mira-Bhayandar crossed the 3,000-mark. Area-wise data reveals that Mira Road has the most number of cases with 1,447 coronavirus positive patients contributing to 46.67 per cent cases. Besides this, Bhayandar East has 906 patients and Bhayandar West has 782 patients, which contribute to 28.63 per cent and 24.71 per cent of the coronavirus cases.

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