Corporators Demand Enquiry on The Performance of Fire Robot

The robot couldn't go beyond the second floor in the recent fire at MTNL building in Bandra.


The Fire Robot was an instant hit in France when it helped to douse the fire at Notre Dame cathedral. However, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's (BMC) first attempt to introduce the fire robot has been criticised by the corporators. 

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In the recent fire that had engulfed MTNL building in Bandra, the fire robot was put to use. However, the results were far away from what was claimed. The fire robot couldn't go beyond the second floor and had to be carried and pushed by the firefighters. Further, the robot even failed to provide clear pictures of the places even through the smoke, contrary to BMC's claim. 

Several corporators have expressed their discontent over the performance of the robot and said that its a waste of taxpayers money as the robot had cost ₹1 crores. They have further demanded an enquiry on this matter as the robot was set up to reach places where humans couldn't in case of thick smoke due to fire. 

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