CR Conducts Intensive Cleaning of Train as part of Swachhata Pakhawada

Central Railway has observed “Swachha Samvad” and “Swachh Stations” as part of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day of Swachhata Pakhawada being observed from 16.09.2023 to 02.10.2023.

CR Conducts Intensive Cleaning of Train as part of Swachhata Pakhawada

Central Railway (CR) has observed "Swachha Railgaadi (Clean Train)" as part of the Swachhata Pakhawada being observed from September 16, 2023, to October 2, 2023. All Divisions of the CR focused o­n intensive cleaning activities of all core areas of stations.

Mumbai Division

Intensive cleaning of Trains undertaken in all Coaching Depots of Mumbai division. Intensive inspection and ‘Super Check’ of Identified Trains done by officers & supervisors in all OBHS trains. Do’s & Don'ts Posters and Anti-littering posters pasted in coaches wherever found missing. Dustbins in the coaches were cleaned and garbage bags replaced with new bags. Cleaning staff, Safai Karamcharis counseled for standard practices of cleaning, use of safety gears/cleaning chemicals/cleaning equipment, cleaning of  Bio-Toilet of coaches. Suggestions/ feedback from passengers o­n cleanliness is taken.11 officers of division and coaching depot inspected the Identified trains at stations and coaching depots. 

Bhusaval Division

Identified trains inspected by a team of officers and supervisors for cleanliness at coaches, pantry cars etc. Inspection includes cleanliness of toilet, cleaning /OBHS staff, slogans/posters of Dos/Don’ts displayed for maintaining cleanliness inside the coach. Interaction with passengers done for their awareness and feedback by railway staff. Total 6 officers inspected the identified trains for cleanliness.

Nagpur Division

On Day -5 Inspection of identified trains carried out by officers in which intensive cleaning of toilets, availability of dustbins, cleaning of fans, display of posters and cleaning of passenger amenities was checked. Passenger feedback collected from passengers. Inspection of Identified trains done by 4 officers of Nagpur division.

Pune Division

Swachha Railgaadi (Clean Train) o­n Day 5 observed  at stations and maintenance depots. It covered Intensive cleaning of nominated and primary maintenance trains at stations and coaching depots. Officers and supervisors inspected Identified trains for cleanliness of coaches (interior & exterior). Attention given towards disposal of garbage and anti-littering slogans display. Passenger feedback o­n train cleanliness taken. 3 officers of Pune division inspected the Identified trains.

Solapur Division

Intensive inspection of Identified train at Station o­n Day 5 done by officers and railway staff for improvement in cleanliness at trains and for awareness of passengers. Cleaning of seats, toilets, washbasin, and dustbins checked. Counseling of passengers in train is done and feedback taken from them. 3 officers inspected Identified trains for cleanliness.

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