TB kills 18 every day in city, dengue rises by 265%

    TB kills 18 every day in city, dengue rises by 265%
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    A new Praja Foundation report shows that dengue cases in the city have increased by 265%. According to the report, the cases have increased between April 2012 and March 2017. in 2012-13, there were 4,867 dengue cases registered in government-run hospitals. The figure swelled to 17,771 in 2016-17.

    Along with this, Tuberculosis cases have also increased exponentially. According to the Praja report, 18 people are dying due to TB daily. Also, 70% people are not able to take care of themselves due to lack of medical insurance.

    TB deaths
    2016-17 - 18 people daily

    TB patients

    2012 - 36,417 patients
    2016-17 - 50,001 patients

    However, with the help of treatment initiative DOTS, the number of TB patients has decreased. 
    2012 - 30,828 patients got treated by DOTS
    2016 - 15,767

    Although the number of TB patients has dropped, deaths are still inevitable. In fact, they are increasing.

    No of deaths owing to TB
    2015-16 - 5,400
    2016 -17 - 6,472 

    Diabetes and hypertension
    Changed lifestyle is harming people who are ending up either with diabetes or hypertension. In 2016-17, diabetes killed 2,675 people while hypertension killed 4,438 people. 

    “The BMC and state government should take some preventive measures against TB, and diseases like swine flu to control the deaths as well as an epidemic," said Milind Mhaske, Project Director, Praja Foundation.

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