Petrol price in Mumbai crosses INR 100; commuters express concerns

As of Saturday, May 29, 2021, the cost for one litre of petrol in Mumbai was recorded as INR 100.19 and for that of diesel was INR 92.17.

Petrol price in Mumbai crosses INR 100; commuters express concerns

Fuel prices once again increased in the city of Mumbai, and as of Saturday, May 29, 2021, the figure crossed INR 100 per litre. As per reports, the amount for a litre of petrol was recorded as INR 100.19 and for that of diesel was INR 92.17. Similarly, the cost was INR 100.32 for petrol and INR 92.29 for diesel in Thane and Navi Mumbai

Keeping this in mind, several people have expressed concerns and demanded a rollback in excise duty and VAT. With coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting businesses and economy significantly, this hike in the fuel prices has only added to the worries and this is expected to increase the of transportation eventually extending to increase in the cost of vegetables, fruits, and other essential items.

Reports also state that the working class has been expressing grief stating difficulties to manage every day life with such inflation. Despite strict restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of coronavirus, the work for private companies, industries, large businesses has not stopped. While some offices are permitted to remain open, employees have to travel for their jobs and since they are not allowed to travel by train, officials have to commute using private vehicles. With the rise in the cost, the commute is becoming expensive.

Sagar Gaikwad, who works for a private firm, has stated that the cost of travel increased, but the salary remained the same, and for some, the wages have been cut due to the pandemic. If it continues like this, it will be time for people to stay at home more often. Sagar has to travel between Chunabhatti and Parel daily and many of his collegues are traveling to and from Borivali, Churchgate, Thane, Navi Mumbai, etc. in their own vehicles. But with the petrol prices, the journey will soon become unaffordable for them.

On the other hand, employees of courier services, food delivery companies and many other related establishments have to be on roads throughout the day. Concerns have been raised by them as this hike has affected their earnings too. 

Ganesh Gurav who works as a home delivery executive said that the amount paid by the companies for the trip is insufficient keeping the fuel price hike in mind. At present, even INR 100 a day is not enough for petrol in a day and it is not affordable with meager wages.

Sharing the plight of his customers, an petrol pump employee, who chose to remain anonymous said, that the customers are often discussing this with the staff members questing when the fuel prices would go down. However, sadly they are not in the state to answer them either.

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