State Energy Minister Dr Nitin Raut visits MSLDC to understand the October 12 power outage issue

Addressing the issue, Dr Raut asked Tata Power to accept the fault and own up to the mistakes. An investigation report has been ordered regarding the issue and action will be taken after studying the same.

State Energy Minister Dr Nitin Raut visits MSLDC to understand the October 12 power outage issue

State Energy Minister, Dr Nitin Raut, on Tuesday, October 26, questioned if the mistakes are being covered up in matters where Tata Power was given the responsibility to supply additional power to Mumbai after the outage? Sharing more, he said that if the mistakes have been made, then the firm must honestly admit them. He had earlier made a statement that the foul play cannot be ruled out regarding the outage.

Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, on October 12, 2020, faced a power outage due to which several aspects in the city became non-operational for several hours in the day. While the power was restored in several areas within a few hours, many places in Central Mumbai faced concerns all day long. Mumbai local train services stopped causing inconvenience to the commuters and services across the hospitals suffered whereby they had to function on backup.

Dr Raut took serious note of the incident and visited the State Load Dispatch Center (SLDC) at Airoli to inspect its operations.

As per reports, three out of the four 400 KW lines supplying power to Mumbai had to be shut down due to load shedding and the fourth line had to be shut down due to extra load. SLDC plays an important role in load transmission, and officials said that the concerned members from Tata Power Company presented the reasons for the power outage in Mumbai and the incidents that occurred on October 12. However, a Technical Audit Committee has been appointed to look into the errors and submit a report, and action will be taken by the ministry after thoroughly going through the same, said Dr Raut.

As per reports, an Islanding system is operational in Mumbai to supply power to the city, however, the system failed as Tata Power's Trombay power plant could not be started on October 12. Acknowledging this, Tata Power, at the Electricity Regulatory Commission hearing, expressed the need to completely replace the islanding system and help will be sought from the  Western Regional Electricity Committee and IIT Mumbai. Clarified has been issued in this regard.

Accompanying the Energy Minister were other members namely Asim Gupta, Principal Secretary, Department of Energy, Dinesh Waghmare, Chairman and Managing Director, Mahatrans, Sanjay Taksande, Director, Uttam Zalte, Technical Adviser and others