FDA show causes three major hospitals for catheter reuse

     FDA show causes three major hospitals for catheter reuse
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    If you or any of your relatives are undergoing angioplasty then be careful, because the facts that came out of the raiding process carried out by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in some of the major hospitals are quite surprising. According to the FDA, some hospitals are using old and used the balloon catheter for angioplasty of patients, while the hospital is taking new catheters from the patients. This was exposed in three major Mumbai hospitals where FDA raided. The FDA has sent a show-cause notice to these three hospitals. The FDA has now decided to take strict action against these hospitals.

    FDA Commissioner Dr Harshdeep Kamble said that we had received information that some hospitals were looting patients using the second-hand catheter. The impaired synthetic used for any one patient is likely to cause infection. The FDA examined 4 patients in the last 15 days and the results which came out in the results were quite startling. These patients were treated by the hospital by a used catheter. Not only this, at the cost of Rs 9 to 10 thousand rupees, the catheters is sold to the hospital for 25 thousand rupees, then for the old catheter 20 thousand are recovered. Moreover, hospitals do not have any record of the purchase and sale of these catheters.

    The raid was carried out in Fortis Hospital (Mulund), Hiranandani Health Care( Vashi), BSES Andheri. 45 patients were treated with 66 old catheters in Fortis. Whereas 44 used catheters were brought in use for 27 patients in Hiranandani hospital. FDA has sent notice to hospitals and the further proceedings will be continued after the reply of administration.

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