Daily expense of waste amounts to Rs 2 lakh

    Daily expense of waste amounts to Rs 2 lakh
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    The BMC has to spend a large amount of money to shift the garbage of the areas including Colaba, Mahim, Dharavi and Sion to the dumping ground. According to the figure, BMC has to spend two lakh rupees per day to reach these areas in the garbage dumping ground. All the garbage in the city is delivered to Mahalaxmi's Trash Transfer Center. Every day 650 metric tonnes of garbage is deposited at Mahalaxmi Trash Centre. To move all these trash to the Deonar dumping ground, Rs. 2 lakh/day is spent.

    Regularly, 8.5 – 9 metric tonnes of waste is deposited in the city. Out of which 650 metric tonnes of garbage come from the urban part. The trash derived from Colaba Nariman Plant, Mahim, Dharavi, Sion of Mumbai is first taken to Mahalaxmi dumping ground. After which it is sent to the Deonar dumping ground.

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    In 2007, the Hydraulic Operated Mechanized was set up at Katra Transfer Center in Mahalaxmi. This was taken on contract for Rs 10 lakh whose tenure will end on May 8, 2017. But due to delay in the construction of new waste transfer, the waste will be sent to Deonar Dumping Ground for one year. About one crore rupees will be spent in this work for a year. For this, Global Waste Management Cell Private Limited Company has been selected.

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