Protective wall along Laxmibaug nullah severed by Godrej

The wall that was built while widening the drain and was broken off by Godrej to merge its water pipeline with Laxmibaug’s water tank

Protective wall along Laxmibaug nullah severed by Godrej

The rainwater in the Godrej premises is being harvested for the construction work of a township in process to be set up in the area. As the water pipeline is connected to Laxmibaug nullah, the protective wall along the drain was broken off by Godrej. This wall was built while widening the drain.

NCP’s objection

Laxibaug nullah situated in Ghatkopar east was under construction to be merged with the Godrej water pipeline since eight days. Hence, the protective wall was severed to connect to the water tank of the Laxmibaug nullah. NCP's local councillor and municipal group leader Rakhi Jadhav showed a stance against the development.

The construction restraint

On May 15, Godrej disallowed any digging and construction without permission. However, Godrej still continued due to which municipal property suffered several losses. Due to the careless digging of drains, the adjoining area gets waterlogged. 

“We have met the Deputy Commissioner and demanded action against them,” - Rakhi Jadhav.

As the ongoing construction was within the Godrej area, the outsiders did not have an access to it. As per the notice, any construction work undertaken in public spaces must be reversed before May 15. However, the municipal officials say that the rule does not apply in this case because the construction area falls in Godrej’s conserved space.

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