Look who's caught sorting veggies on duty

    Mumbai  -  

    Mulund- Meet Chandan Sontakke. An ordinary Mumbaikar, he was fed up with having to run from pillar to post just to obtain a death certificate from the T ward in Mulund for his deceased father in law.  Sontakke decided to probe the delay himself and what he unearthed will shock you as well. “I came on Friday to the T Ward office to get the death certificate, and like always, I was asked to go to the cemetery instead. I thought of spending some more time in the T ward office, and that's when I witnessed some of the staff in the census office cleaning vegetables on the work tables. This is not their home that they can do their household chores here. We are tax payers and it seems that they are least bothered about it,” said Chandan Sontakke, a social worker himself. Chandan took the opportunity and captured the whole incident on his mobile phone camera.

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