Marine Drive divider is getting railings to prevent accidents

The construction work will be completed by next week


The construction of railings on the divider along Marine Drive is in process. The railings will be constructed along a stretch of 3.6 km from the Girgaum-end near Taraporewala Museum up till Intercontinental Hotel. The construction work will be completed by next week. The purpose of these railings is to prevent people from jaywalking across the road.

The Mumbai Traffic Police had written to the Brihamumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in March to construct railings on the dividers of the stretch after two women were run over by cars while crossing the road at Marine Drive recently.

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The traffic police have marked several accident-prone spots where pedestrians cross the roads by jumping over the dividers. Since it is a straight road, the vehicles tend to speed. As there are only a few crossings, pedestrians cross the dividers to reach the promenade and this leads to accidents.

The plan was approved by the heritage panel members who visited the site in April. The officials suggested increasing the height of dividers so that the view of the opposite lane is not restricted. The police will keep an eye to see if the railings are effective.

Apart from this, the police are also seeking the help of volunteers to stop people from jumping over the dividers to prevent accidents.

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