Mumbai pharmacists importing illegal drugs from China?

    Mumbai pharmacists importing illegal drugs from China?
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    What if you just happen to know that the pills that you have been popping in so religiously were non-licensed? Shocking as it may seem, but the FDA has come up with an alarming revelation of certain pharmaceutical companies that have been cutting illegal deals of non-licensed medicines by importing them straight from China. As a matter of fact, the FDA has seized 12,730 kilos of Lactyl Monohydrate drug worth Rs. 40 lakhs from the godown of a shop by the name of M / s Poma Chemicals which was getting them imported from China. The stock has been banned and now the complaint has been made directly to the Central Drug Controller, FDA Commissioner Dr Harshdeep Kamble said. Accordingly, the next action will be taken by the Central Drug Controller. As per Dr Harshdeep Kamble, FDA Commissioner the seized drugs have been now sent for further inspection to the Central Drug Controller and to ensure that it is not used in the production and manufacture of other medicines.

    Moreover, as per the information at hand, the drug was being imported from a company named Shandong Lujian Biological Technical Co. Ltd based in China. The drug was sold to companies like Sun Pharma, Medli Pharma, Tirupati Medicare as a raw material so as to be used in the production of certain medicines.

    Aside of this, Lactyl Monohydrate stands to be a drug that is used as a raw material for the making of low-calorie food supplements. In fact, the drug is also used to make medicines that are prescribed to treat ailments that are related to malaria.

    As per the FDA, the issue is quite a serious one as the drug was being imported illegally. Not to miss on the fact, that the FDA had earlier seized 3 lakh kgs of drugs that were worth Rs. 10 crores which was also imported illegally.

    More importantly, it is a mandate that a prior written permission from the relevant agencies of the Central Government is needed so as to import any kind of drugs. Moreover, the drug importer has to be registered under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. But, quite in contradiction to this, the company in Mumbai did not adhere to such regulations. Meanwhile, the FDA has issued a legal notice to the said Chinese company.

    Additionally, the Maharashtra FDA has instructed the drug controllers in the state to inquire in all the cities where the said drug has been illegally imported to.

    Hence, considering such a serious issue of illegal import and export of medicines, the quality of medicines that we consume on a daily basis is a thing we may want to ponder over. The question is to what extent are we risking our health when we pop-in such medicines with compromised quality daily.  

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