BMC commissioner to submit a detailed report on Saki Naka and Kamala Mills Fire as directed by the MHRC

The petition was filed by the Mumbai unit secretary and seeks compensation for the damages and also a check of any complaints received by the BMC prior to the tragedies


Mumbai has seen two major fire accidents within a span of 15 days. The first being at a farsan shop near Saki Naka which claimed 12 lives and the second at Kamala Mills Compound at Lower Parel that took 14 lives. The State Human Rights Commission has directed the Mumbai civic commissioner to submit a detailed report on both the fires by January 29.

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Who filed the petition?

Mumbai unit secretary Vivekanand Gupta has filed a petition before the Maharashtra Human Rights Commission in the aftermath of the Kamala Mills tragedy on the violation of Human Rights. Gupta has sought inquiries into open space violation, fire compliance, building violations in all commercial establishments and action to be taken against the offenders in his petition.

What does the petition say?

  1. A review of the safeguards provided by or under the Constitution or any law for the time being in force for the protection of Human Rights and recommend measures for their effective implementation.
  2. To make an account of any complaints received by the BMC and the Police prior to the two incidents at the farsan shop and Kamala Mills compound.
  3. A compensation for damages to be recovered from the salaries of the concerned public servants who are found guilty after the inquiry is completed.

The Saki Naka farsan shop fire and the Kamala Mills fire, both are enough to prove that something is going terribly wrong in the administration and it's certainly more than just negligence by a few junior and mid-level officials. Gupta says that the Municipal Corporation of greater Mumbai has lost its essence and hence we approached the Human Rights Commission.  The relief is all for the welfare of the citizens.

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