MCA owes ₹14.21 crores to Mumbai Police for match security

MCA owes ₹14.21 crores to Mumbai Police for match security

Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), the richest cricket association of BCCI has not yet paid the dues it owes to Mumbai Police for their services as match security. An RTI by Anil Galgali brought the fact to light that, MCA owes ₹14.21 crores to Mumbai Police.

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Earlier, Galgali had filed an RTI last month which revealed that MCA owed 13.41 crores to Mumbai Police. 

During the Indian Premier League (IPL) from 2008 to 2011, a total of ₹31,67,94,733 was paid to the police. The Mumbai Cricket Association also took the services of the police during World Cup 2011. However, the MCA had paid the amount of ₹2.65 crores in the year 2016 to the police, including football league and marathon.

As per the RTI, MCA took the services of police on several instances and in regard to the services, they owe the police a total of ₹14.21 crore.