Mumbai Doctors Re-join Severed Index Finger of 20-Month-Old Child

Mumbai Doctors Re-join Severed Index Finger of 20-Month-Old Child

A team consisting of Dr Sushil Nehete, Consultant Plastic, Hand, and Microsurgeon, and Dr Pratap Nadar, Consultant Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road successfully re-joined the complete index finger of the right hand of a 20-month-old baby boy, who had sustained the injury due to running table fan.

Six months ago, the complete index finger of the baby boy’s right hand was cut off from the middle phalanx when he accidentally put the hand in the running table fan. The baby’s tryst with a running table fan turned into a bloody nightmare. Fascinated by the fan, the baby put his hand inside the fan. The baby’s family members picked up the severed finger and wrapped it in a clean handkerchief and then put it in a plastic bag and rushed him to Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road after 3 hours of the ghastly incident.

Dr Pratap Nadar, Consultant Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road said, “On arrival in an emergency, blood was oozing from his right index finger and the baby required immediate surgery. Parents were counselled regarding the extent of the injury and the need for urgent surgery to attempt replantation, chances of success, and possible complications. The patient was shifted to OT and replantation was done. One digital artery, nerve, and one dorsal vein were repaired. A vein graft was needed for the repair of the digital artery which was taken from the same forearm. Flexor tendon (FDP alone) and extensor tendon were repaired.”

Dr Nadar added, “After the successful replantation that lasted for 3 hours, the patient was observed for finger color, temperature, and capillary refill postoperatively. The patient was discharged 3 days after the surgery. He was on regular follow-ups after the surgery. He is using his finger for all the activities like eating, picking up things, or holding objects.

“Paediatric replantations are challenging not only because of their size but also due to higher rates of complications. But it is always worth attempting it in kids, in dominant hands, and if the thumb or index finger is amputated. Now, the baby has extremely good hand function. People are not aware of what should be done during such emergencies. But it is important to bring the cut part immediately to the hospital to re-join it. The severed part should be wrapped in a handkerchief or gauze, properly put in a plastic bag, over an ice pack, and carried in a container. Do not touch the part with bare hands. Remember that the timely intervention will aid in restoring the functionality of the fingers.” said Dr Sushil Nehete, Consultant Plastic, Hand, and Microsurgeon at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road “The baby reached the hospital on time and hence, we could save salvage the finger. He could have lost his finger if he would have not been treated promptly at the hospital. It is imperative for parents to be alert and make sure that all the sharp objects are out of the rich of their babies to avoid unfortunate incidents,” Dr Nehete told further.

“We were alarmed due to the ear-piercing scream of my baby. He was crying inconsolably when I saw his finger lying nearby. Apparently, the whirling metal blades of the running table fan literally sliced off my son’s entire right index finger. I thought my baby would lose his finger and would have to compromise throughout life. Fortunately, we picked up the chopped finger and rushed to the hospital at the right time. The skilled team of doctors at Wockhardt Hospitals made the complicated rejoining of the finger possible. I thank them from the bottom of my heart,” concluded the baby's mother.

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