Get ready to sweat it out for the next couple of days

    Get ready to sweat it out for the next couple of days
    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbaikars are left confused because the sun and clouds are playing hide and seek with each other. At times, the sun hides behind the clouds and it’s a huge relief for the people but most of the times, the sun overpowers the clouds. The monsoon beat Indian Meteorological Department’s prediction by seven days in Andaman but this has increased the humidity and the sweat beads are rolling down everyone’s faces in Mumbai.

    The mornings are slightly clouded but the afternoons are scorching hot in our city, People setting out for work in the morning make a sweaty return as the humidity is taking a toll on everyone.

    The heat is felt because of the increased humidity. Unfortunately, the next couple of days are going to be hot as well.

    It is expected to rain in Karnataka and Kerala soon as the humidity has increased in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

    Stay cool, Mumbaikars!

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