Mumbaikars will not face water woes as Tulsi lake overflows

So far, 38 per cent of lakes have been filled


Tulsi lake, which provides water to Mumbai, started overflowing on Monday morning giving respite to Mumbaikars who will now, not face any water cut this monsoon. The capacity for storing the water of this lake is 139.17 m and already crossed the mark. Last year, the same had happened on August 14, 2017.

Other lakes that provide water to Mumbai

Every day, Bhatsa, Upper Vaitarna, Tansa, Vihar, Modak Sagar, Tulsi lakes provide 3750 million gallons of water to the city. Amongst these, Bhatsa lake provides water on a large scale. This is followed by Tulsi and Vihar that provides water on a small scale.

When do lakes fill up?

Of all lakes, Tulsi lake fills up second after Tansa. By July end or August, Vihar lake being the smallest, fills up late. 

Though it doesn't rain much in areas where the lakes are situated, the lakes fill up to a satisfactory level. So far, 38 per cent of lakes have been fill up,” Ashok Kumar Tawdiya, chief engineer.

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