5 Things To Keep You Safe During The Rains

As the city was thrown into chaos after heavy rainfall lashed Mumbai, there have been many fateful cases due to various reasons. Here are a few things you need to be careful about during the monsoon season in Mumbai

5 Things To Keep You Safe During The Rains

Heavy rains have lashed Mumbai since Monday and there's chaos across the city as many areas have flooded (as usual) and the blame-game has begun. But as Mumbaikars hustle through the downpour and live to fight another day, there are a few things which we need to make a note of to make sure we're safe.

1) If you're driving, keep a heavy object inside your car

Two people on Tuesday were trapped in a car at Malad subway, and as the water level started rising, they tried to get out. Unfortunately, the car doors were jammed and so were the windows. They couldn't escape in time and both of them suffocated to death. Now, god forbid and you're stuck in such a situation, a heavy object like a hammer or this tool will help you break through the car glass and escape.

Here's a video to walk you through this situation..

2) Don't wade through the water, diseases spread the most during rains

Waterlogging also causes many diseases. Maximum cases of leptospirosis are recorded after heavy rainfall. So if you have walked in the rain, make sure to wash your feet once you reach home and take an antibiotic to be safe. If you have a wound or a cut on your leg and have waded through floodwater, it's best you see a doctor as soon as possible. 

3) Look up when you walk! 

In Mumbai, we've seen a number of cases during the monsoon where people have lost their life because of a tree fall. Although the BMC has put up posters across the city, cautioning people of the tree branches, you cannot actually predict when and how a tree could cause an accident. So please be careful while walking during the rain. 

4) Bikers, we aren't shooting for Dhoom 4, go slow!

A number of accidents are reported during Mumbai rains when a two-wheeler skids and the rider, pillion are killed. No matter where you need to reach, nothing is more important than your life. So while turning, go slow, bikes skid easily in the rain. Ride safely and responsibly. 

 5) Steer clear of open manholes

We have read about cases where people have drowned by falling into open manholes. As the roads are flooded with rain water, people who are walking on the road can't spot the open manhole which in turn causes accidents. Do not walk on the side of the road as most of the manholes are placed there. Pick a track which you're sure of and walk along the same path.

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