Traffic forces 26-year-old to deliver a baby in an auto-rickshaw

Though the hospital was 1 km away from her residence, it took her 1.45 hours to reach due to clustered traffic


The only thing Mumbaikars dread in the city (after bad roads) is traffic as no one can stand getting stuck in the same. If this is the situation with commoners, no one can imagine the plight of a pregnant woman who was forced to give birth in an auto-rickshaw. 

26-year-old Jyoti Gaud delivered her baby in an auto after getting stuck in traffic in the Malwani area.

The incident took place on Saturday when Jyoti started having labour pains. She and her parents got into an auto-rickshaw to reach the hospital. However, the hospital was only 1 km away from her residence but it took them 1.45 hours to reach due to a massive traffic jam.

Gaud who lives with her husband in Jaunpur, came to her parents' place, last August in Malwani. After reaching the hospital, doctors finished all the remaining formalities and shifted both the healthy mother and the baby to the general ward.  

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