BMC to have its own City Disaster Response Force

BMC to have its own City Disaster Response Force

BMC to form a team to handle emergency situations. BMC will form a team and train them like the National Disaster Response Force. NDRF are not aware of the local geographical idea of the spot so in such situations, it takes them much time in rescue works.

BMC will appoint 200 jawans and will provide with them NDRF training and they we will use whenever they are needed. Jawans will be appointed from 24 sections.

Many times Mumbaikars face natural calamities. BMC in the year 1999 launched the Disaster Management was brought in action. Now BMC is set to launch the City Disaster Response force (CDRF)in Mumbai, this force will consist 200 men from BMC. These men will be treated like our Army and NDRF to make them capable of fighting against the tough situations. This training will include the training of chemical, biological, molecule natural, nuclear disaster, medical, first aid, saving people from high buildings.

After NDRF, with the launching of the CDRF. Mumbai will be the first city to have its own City Disaster management.
CDFR will be under the control of additional commissioner. When not needed they will work as security guards but in Urgency, they will be deployed accordingly.

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