Now book your parking spot online

    Now book your parking spot online
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    Two reasons why people avoid driving in Mumbai are 1) Traffic and 2) Parking. Getting a parking spot in our city feels like a treasure hunt task. Now, there’s going to be some modification with getting a parking spot. That innovation is 'Online parking'.

    You can now book a parking spot online. Yes, you heard it right. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is developing a mobile phone app which will be similar to ticket-booking apps.

    Now you can sit at home and scan for parking spots. No need to hover around like scavengers in the city.The app will be really helpful as it will let the user book available parking space at any time for more than hour. The payments can be made online.

    One would have to show an e-voice at the spot. Eight parking spots in South Mumbai were tested with this service and it has been successful so far.

    According to the new parking policy, the BMC has divided the city into three zones based on the density of traffic and have hiked rates by 300%. Rates in the A category which sees a high density of traffic: From existing Rs 20, private cars will now have to pay Rs 60 in the island city, Rs 40 for western suburbs and Rs 20 for eastern suburbs every hour.

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