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Elphinstone stampede Live Updates: 23 dead, over 38 injured

Elphinstone stampede Live Updates: 23 dead, over 38 injured

Saturday, September 30

3:30 pm - 23 dead, 38 injured 

Friday, September 29

7:04 pm - Ace cricketer Virender Sehwag also commented about the tragedy and said, "In the city of dreams, people travel with such high risks. Before anything else, citizens security is the need of the hour,long been ignored."

5.38 pm - The Central Railway should get their own identity as for every project, they have to seek an approval from Central Railway Ministry which in turn delays the projects. I will speak to CM to expedite the extension of Elphinstone bridge. Our SS MP Arvind Sawant has been demanding for an extension but nothing was done. The UPA government had promised to work for the betterment of railways but even they did nothing"
PWD Minister Eknath Shinde

5.24 pm - 37-year-old Meena Waleker died in the stampede at Elphinstone, succumbing to head injuries.  Meena, the sole earner in the house, stayed with her mother and travelled from Ulhasnagar to Elphinstone.  At the hospital, her mother, Vidya Walekar (55) grievingly kept asking, "Who will I wait for now?"

3: 08 pm - BMC released a statement of the ones who were deceased.  

2: 59 pm - Riteish Deshmukh tweets regarding the stampede, blames infrastructure

2: 32 pm - Mumbai Police thanks Mumbaikars for helping in need. Enough blood received at KEM hospital.


2:29 pm - CM Devendra Fadnavis' statement regarding the stampede

2:28 pm - Here are some helpline numbers. Please do share the image. 

2:09 pm - Media being pushed away by police and officials at KEM hospital.

1: 55 pm - Piyush Goyal orders a high-level inquiry into the tragedy

1: 45 pm - Names of the injured

1:10pm - The PM shares his condolences, says  "My deepest condolences to all those who have lost their lives due to the stampede in Mumbai. Prayers with those who are injured."


While the chaos at the station continued, doctors and patients were looking for some blood donors for treatment. Taking immediate action, Mumbai Police asked for help from Mumbaikars. 

1:08 pm - The incident shook the nation. President of India also tweeted about the same and offered prayers to the ones affected in the tragedy.

1:00 pm - Total 55 casualties (as reported in KEM Hospital)  out of which
                   33 injured (24 Male & 9 Females) and
                   22 Dead (13 Male, 8 Females & 1 Boy)

12:58 pm - Railway Minister Piyush Goyal headed to KEM Hospital. Many members from the political parties did want him to resign. Could that be a part of the political propaganda? Could be. But it wasn't needed at the hour.  

12:38 pm 

12:33 pm - A lot of blood was shed by commoners, and were admitted at Mumbai's KEM hospital. But sadly, enough blood was not Blood required at KEM Hospital. A- and B- blood groups needed.

12:32 pm - Railway Minister Piyush Goyal in Mumbai. Little did he know this incident would happen. It's time the system takes a note of this and brings in the necessary changes. 

12:25 pm - 22 dead, over 30 injured in the stampede 

Due to heavy rain and an unfortunate shortcircuit, chaos spread at Elphinstone Station this morning. Earlier there were reports about a short-circuit and the bridge collapse being the reason for the tragedy, but nothing was confirmed. However, questions are being raised about the quality of the bridge and the condition it is currently in. 

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In the chaos at the foot-over bridge, over 20 people have suffered injuries in the stampeded and 15 people have died people have died.

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