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    Wine shops to remain open until 11:30 pm; Movie theatres till 1:00 AM

    Along with wine shops, hookah parlours and permit rooms will serve liquor until 1:30 AM

    Wine shops to remain open until 11:30 pm; Movie theatres till 1:00 AM
    Mumbai  -  

    The state government has decided to keep wine shops open until 11:30 pm. Currently, these shops are kept open until 10:00 pm. At the same time, hookah parlours, permit rooms, discotheques will serve liquor until 1:30 am.

    Cinema halls to remain open until 1:00 am

    The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) shop and establishment department have cleared that cinema halls will be kept open until 1:00 am. As per the notification issued by the Government of Maharashtra, Maharashtra (Shops & Establishment) Act, 1948 has been abolished, instead, the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act (Regulation of Employment and Service Regulation) Act 2017 has been enacted.

    Because of which, the state will not accept online applications regarding registration and renewal for establishments which has one to nine workers. Wherein the establishments which have more than 10 workers, will be eligible for online registrations and renewals. 

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