Caging parrots can put you behind bars

Under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, it is illegal to cage any Indian bird as they are categorised under wild animals and are thus protected by the law.

Caging parrots can put you behind bars

Humans have been sharing a remarkable relationship with animals since the beginning of civilisation. The animals have been co-existing with us as pets and while some of the animals like dogs and cats are easier to find, people also have birds and fish as their pets. 

However, if you have a parrot as your pet, you might want to submit your parrot to the nearest forest department unless you plan on going to jail and pay a handsome amount of fine.

The Forest Department has stated that if a person is found out having a parrot, then that person will be charged under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, which clearly denies keeping parrots or any other birds that are categorised as wildlife as pets. Not abiding by the law can result into cash penalty and in some cases, even prison.

Thane Forest Department had earlier nabbed two bird-sellers from Malad trading parrots illegally. Later, they also arrested a bird-seller who sold the future-telling parrots. However, they were released after legal action was taken against them and they were penalised.

The Forest Department has lately grown vigilante and strict towards conservation of wildlife. They have conducted surprise raids on the illegal poachers and traders. However, the Forest Department recently ordered that the people who have parrots as their pets must submit them in a week’s time. 

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