Pot hole woes

Pot hole woes

Matunga - Since pothole free road is a right of citizens , BMC tries different ways to make Mumbai roads pot hole free .But it seems that it has failed into its efforts .Especially the dire condition of flyovers like hindmata flyover ,pareltt flyover ,Sion hospital flyover Nanalal Mehta flyover nad Jagnnath Shankersheth flyover points out the complete failure of Bmc in this department .
The pot holes on roads are not only causing inconvinience to citizens but also causing accidents and traffic snarls.During heavy rains the potholes are proving death traps as pedestrians can not gauge them. Mosquitoes and other insects grow in them and this is proving to be a major health hazard .The residents have demanded immediate action from Bmc to curb this problem.According to Bmc chief engineer S.P .Kori Bmc is keen to solve this problem but rains are proving as major hurdle , so only after monsoon this problem can be attended to.