Seven Lakes which provide water to Mumbai are nearly full

Water Department officials informed that there will be no shortage in the water supply as the lakes have accumulated 97 per cent water supply for the city


In good news for Mumbaikars, all the lakes providing water to Mumbai are almost full which means that there will be no shortage in the water supply as the lakes have accumulated 97 per cent water supply for the city. Meanwhile, the Vaitarna river along with Bhatsa lake is overflowing. 

Amid the heavy downpour, the lakes are filled with water and are overflowing and Mumbai already has 97 per cent of its water supply stored. With the warning of more rains, the water level can rise and fulfil the quota which the city needs. The water department officials have informed that Mumbaikars will not have to worry about water supply.

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Vaitarna, Modak Sagar, Tansa, Bhatsa, Vihar and Tulsi lakes – seven of these lakes can be used to extract gallons of water. Before the rains, there was a shortage of water in these lakes. However, the problem has been resolved. 

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