Dress code for parents?

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    Dress code for parents?
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     So far, the uniform has been a mandate for the students for as long as anyone can remember. But what if the parents who walk into the school for their kids' open house are told to do so while following a specific dress code? This is exactly what the Guardians were told to do at the Rizvi Springfield School. The institution asked the parents to follow a certain set of guidelines while coming in to collect their wards' respective report cards. Here's the set of guidelines Rizvi Springfield School asked the parents to follow:

    1.Guardians must dress according to the standard of the school

    2.The attire must be presentable

    3.Mobile phones to be deposited at the reception counter

    4.Guardians should not get into any clash of any sort with the school staff

    Moreover, when contacted for any comments regarding the matter, the principal was unavailable for the comment.

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