Swine flu causes another death in Mumbai

Swine flu causes another death in Mumbai

A 72-year-old female resident of Kurla has lost her life to swine flu in the city. The woman was admitted to Kohinoor hospital a few days ago. On May 12, Friday, she lost her life. According to doctors treating her, the woman suffered from high blood pressure and after six hours of treatment, her condition worsened. This case comes after the death of an 18 month-old infant from Malad who lost his life to the H1N1 virus. Around 196 deaths have been recorded across Maharashtra. 

In the city, around six cases have been registered in Kurla itself. BMC health officer, Dr.Padmaja Keskar said that 3,776 people and 750 families were screened in the area the woman resided and six people were diagnosed with fever. They were then immediately sent for treatment. Public health officials from the state said that there have been around 196 deaths as on May 14.

 According to experts, due to change in weather, swine flu affecting people could further increase. People suffering from viral infections are being screened thoroughly. People suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes should be cautious,according to the doctors.

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