Once clean and tidy, Slater Road ALM now needs support of youths

Once clean and tidy, Slater Road ALM now needs support of youths

The Slater Road in Grant Road West used to be known for best  management and tidiness as local residents had started ‘Advance Locality  Management’ (ALM) in the year 2000. The residents enthusiastically  participated in the drive and with the help of BMC administration they  succeeded in implemention of this scheme. But after years, the ALM has  taken a backseat after the death of its head and the ALM now is in dire  need of support from the local youths.

The ALM has 27 buildings and  800 houses and shops under its umbrella. The area deposits around 18  lakh kilo solid waste every month. The ALM scheme also includes Tukaram  Javaji Marg and Naushir Bharucha Road and this area was earlier known as  Slater Road. The area used to be considered as very clean and green  from 2000 to 2008. After the death of ALM chief Yogendra Shah, the  organisation has been facing problems as all active members have become  aged and no youth from the area show interest in this work. Nargis  Sabawala (84), president of ALM, said that only youth’s participation  can bring life in this novel activity.

The members of this voluntary  activity are facing problems regarding correspondence with the BMC and  other concerned authorities. As ALM is losing its command, new  encroachments have come up on the footpath of Naushir Bharucha Road and  anti-social elements are roaming freely in this area, informed local  resident Armity Dastur.

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