Maharashtra ranks 2nd in the world in women trafficking

    Maharashtra ranks 2nd in the world in women trafficking
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    A few days ago, a State Information Commission has revealed some shocking news that Maharashtra State ranks second in the world in women trafficking. Country's financial capital, Mumbai ranks second after Kolkata in the country. This piece of information has disturbed the peace and now, the state women commission, including the government and police are going to look into this matter very seriously.

    Now the State Commission for Women has moved forward to address this situation and solve it. The women's commission has taken important steps to prevent any kind of abuse, not only women trafficking but also domestic abuse, sexual abuse, harassment at workplace.

    The Commission has decided to start an independent helpline to solve this problem. Vijaya Rahatkar, Chairman of the Commission, informed Mumbai Live about this decision. A complaint will be registered and the women in need will be assisted immediately. The women will be counseled and helped if they’re tortured mentally. The victims will be given legal aid to follow up the case.

    State Health Department has arranged a ‘104’ helpline number for services for women. This will include help from the healthcare department along with the police. The person who handles the helpline will be a trained counselor and will guide the woman in the right direction.

    At present, the helpline will be working from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The decision to provide a 24-hour-service will be soon considered. It will be one of a kind helpline in the country.

    Often women tolerate atrocities without raising a voice against the offenders. Some also choose the suicide root and end their lives as they feel there’s no alternative. We just want to tell women that we are with them and the law supports them. Just take a step forward and make the call,” Vijaya Rahatkar, Chairperson, State Women's Commission.

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