‘Navya’ treats cancer patients online

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    ‘Navya’ treats cancer patients online
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    Mumbai's only Parel’s Tata hospital attends thousands of patients in a day. On a daily basis, people from all over India throng the hospital. A lot of people wait for days to get an appointment. Some of them sleep on streets owing to lack of beds. In order to change this scenario, the Tata hospital came up with online medical help. And later, they joined hands with ‘Navya’ (they help patients and physicians with the tools to make expert treatment decisions for complex medical conditions) which was launched in May 2014. In the last three years, almost 10,000 patients are benefitted from the online medical help. From July 2016 to March 2017, the Tata hospital surveyed 1,000 cancer patients across 22 cities.

    The National Cancer Grid (NCG) programme coordinator Dr. C S Paresh confirmed that 90% patients were benefitted because of Navya. "73% patients who were helped by Navya experts, have shared their diagnosis with their doctors and 78% patients have acted on the diagnosis given by Navya experts," said Paresh.

    “This service is free for below poverty line (BPL) people but NRI patients have to pay Rs. 6,000 to seek online medical help. However, BPL families have to submit 37 documents as a proof to avail the service,” said Geetika Shrivastav, Navya network’s founder.

    Cancer patients can seek medical advice on www.navya.care by uploading their medical records. Once the medical papers are uploaded, the Navya experts read the reports and give the needed medical advice. This has helped a lot of cancer patients by saving their trip and the money. 

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