News about the fare hike of auto rickshaws and taxi rides was shared a few days back and reports stated that the journey could become expensive for passengers. While the same was not confirmed back then, the decision to increase the fares for both the modes of public transport in Mumbai has been approved by the concerned body.

Information shared regarding the same confirms that the rickshaw fare will be increased by two rupees and the taxi fare by three rupees per km. Official announcement and more details regarding the same will be shared on Monday, September 26, 2022, after officials take a final decision about the revision.

Moreover, this will be applicable from October 1, 2022, and the commute in rickshaw, taxi will become expensive for Mumbaikars. The decision to take such action was based on the current price of fuel which has been increasing steadily for the past few months. While the price of both petrol and diesel is increasing significaly, officials did not expect the price of CNG to also rise.

Most of the rickshaw-taxis in the state are CNG based and hence the rickshaw and taxi drivers were getting hit by this price hike incurring a loss and not being able to manage the finance during the rising inflation. Keeping the same in mind, rickshaw and taxi drivers decided to go on strike on September 26, 2022, if the government decided not take a decision on the fare hike. 

Unions had also taken a strike stance as no decision was reached in the meeting with Minister Uday Samant on September 13, 2022. An urgent meeting was held by the government on September 23, 2022, before the strike of rickshaw and taxi drivers, and it is here that the fare hike was approved after thorough consideration.