Ghol-d! Fisherman sell 30 kg 'Ghol' fish for a whopping sum of ₹5.5 lakh

Fisherman brothers Mahesh and Bharat Meher netted a ghol which weighed 30 kgs and they sold it for a massive sum of ₹5.5 lakh!


On Sunday, two fisherman brothers from Maharashtra’s Palghar area earned ₹5.5 lakh after they caught the most sought after ‘Ghol’ fish. It is considered to be one of the most expensive fish to be netted along the Mumbai-Palghar coastline.

Two brothers Mahesh and Bharat Meher caught the fish which weighed nearly 30 kg. On Friday, they had ventured in the sea in their small boat and while returning to the Murbe coast after catching pomfrets and other varieties, the duo chanced upon the precious ghol and caught the fish that changed their fate.

According to the report, the auction lasted for only 20 minutes as an exporter finally bid an astounding ₹5.5 lakh only for the fish's innards.

Mahesh said that the ghol will help him tide over a financial crisis and will repair his boat and nets.

Some facts about the Ghol (Jewfish)

  • Known as black-spotted croaker and is also called as "fish with a heart of gold"
  • Its skin is regarded as a good source of high-quality collagen
  • It is used in cosmetic products as well as functional food
  • Pharmaceutical companies use the fish's fins to manufacture soluble stitches
  • The fins are also used in wine purification
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