Nair Hospital female security guards suspended due to attention lapse during work

The security guards were positioned outside Nair Hospital’s child ward when suddenly, a baby went missing but it was later realised that the relatives had carried the baby out of the ward and the guards were unattentive due to which, they were suspended.

Nair Hospital female security guards suspended due to attention lapse during work

In response to the baby theft incident at BMC’s Lokmanya Tilak General Hospital at Sion, the Bombay High Court had questioned the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation about the safety of the newborns. So, the municipal corporation has employed security guards in municipal hospitals to ensure that such incidents don’t happen.

However, Nair hospital recently suspended two of its female security guards after they were found distracted on duty.

The child was taken out of the maternity ward on Monday but the security guards failed to notice his disappearance. However, when they noticed that he was missing, they started searching for him but failed to find him. Eventually, they approached the doctors who also started examining the hospital for finding the newborn.

But then, the relatives returned to the ward with the baby. The baby was returned safely but it definitely raised questions about the passiveness of the security at municipal hospitals. When the CCTV footage was inspected, it was found that the guards were in conversation while the baby went out with the relatives. So, both the security guards were suspended from their duties.

The problem with the situation is that the hospital security authorities are supposed to keep an eye on people taking a newborn out but the security guards at Nair hospital missed doing their job which certainly raises questions about the security in municipal hospitals.

Also, as per the regulations, it is mandatory for the doctors to be present when a newborn is being carried to another ward.

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