Water vending machines running dry at stations

    Water vending machines running dry at stations
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    In order to quench a person’s thirst during the not-so-bearable Indian summer, IRCTC has instated 'Water Vending Machines' at railway stations on Western Railway. However, due to insufficient employees, most of the vending machines are not functional. At some stations, due to insufficient water supply, people have to control their thirst.

    Between Churchgate and Virar, around 20 water vending machines have been set up. You get water for just Rs 2 but most of the machines don’t work. Due to this, the passengers are compelled to buy a bottle of water from the catering stalls at stations. The same water could be purchased for Rs 2 but due to the machine's inefficiency, the passenger has to shell out Rs 15 for the bottle. That definitely doesn’t make them happy in this scorching heat. At some stations, due to excessive demand and many thirsty throats, a single machine is proving to be insufficient. The passengers are clearly not happy about this and have complained to the railway ministry.

    There was a lot of buzz on social media as the water vending machines were doing the rounds while being set up. Unfortunately, the set up hasn’t lived up to the hype.

    Raju Dalvi, a frustrated passenger, complained about the vending machines being dysfunctional.

    There are many people complaining about the water vending machines. Senior business manager Aarti Singh Parihar said that their efforts to fix the problems were going on.

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