State Government exhibiting negligence towards Clinical Establishment Act

State Government exhibiting negligence towards Clinical Establishment Act

The State Government had enacted and implemented the Maharashtra Real Estate Act to prevent the consumers from fraud by bringing complete transparency in the complete medical process. However, at the same time, the state government clearly has forgotten the law of providing transparency in the medical sector and taking measures to avert any kind of fraud done to the patients, and to provide proper and affordable health care at affordable rates. But now the draft for the Maharashtra Clinical Establishment Act is ready and the government has asked the experts for their suggestions and objections to it. It has also been demanded to give relief to the patients by bringing this act into effect as early as possible.

Moreover, the government has not been successful in preventing malpractices such as pregnancy diagnosis, female foeticide and selling of drugs in the black market. Experts say that this is exactly where the clinical establishment act will be playing an integral role since this act will ensure that all such misdeeds are simply done away with. In 2012, the Central Government had implemented the Clinical Establishment Act, by means of the Medical Establishment Registration and Regulation Bill. In this law, the Central Government has recently sought to make changes in the law and amendments.

Hence, bringing this law into force will ensure that complete transparency is brought into practice as far as treating the patients with utmost care is concerned. However, due to the lack of will power shown by the state government, the draft of this law is still lying just like that. Health activist Umesh Khake has responded by stating that the government apparently the state government has not taken the health sector seriously which is why it is now important that the Act should be sanctioned at the earliest.

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