Water ATMs at 23 railway stations to dry up soon

Railways has decided to shut down water ATMs at 23 railway stations as the company outsourced for the job hasn't paid due electricity and water bills to the rail corporation


In order to quench the thirst of passengers, Railways had installed Water Vending Machines (WVM) at railway stations. The initiative by Railways received a tremendous response as the passengers were able to drink hygienic water at a mere ₹2.

However, the service will soon witness an end Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) recently issued a letter stating that Western Railways will be closing water ATMs at 23 railway stations.

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Among the 23 railway stations, there are various railway stations from Mumbai as well. According to IRCTC, the company that was outsourced for the job, High Tech Sweet Water Technology Private Limited, has failed to pay the water and electricity bills.

Alongside, despite sending them warnings and also issuing fines, the company has failed to pay the fines as well.

Therefore, IRCTC has been notified that the company is unable to pay the dues to the Railways and they have notified the rail corporation about the same. Accordingly, unless the bill is paid by the company, no water purification machinery or spare parts will be given to the. Thus, it is impossible for the company to restart a new service until the bill is paid.

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