Eman Ahmed to fly to Abu Dhabi on Thursday

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 Eman Ahmed to fly to Abu Dhabi on Thursday

Eman Ahmed once the heaviest woman will fly to Abu Dabhi on Thursday in air bus for the treatment. Eman underwent bariatric surgery in Saifee hospital under the observation of Dr Muffazal Lakdawala. Eman Ahmed spent two months at the hospital. VPS Healthcare, Abu Dhabi will treat Eman Ahmed in Burjeel Hospital. The treatment will be covered free of cost under corporate social responsibility.

Eman had arrived in Mumbai on February 11 and underwent bariatric surgery on 9 March. Eman has lost 300 kgs and now she weighs 176 kgs. Eman’s sister Selim was embroiled in the dispute with the team of Dr Lakdawala, she termed the team as liars.

A team of nine doctors, nurses and paramedics will travel with Eman and Selim on Thursday stated spokesperson, VPS Healthcare.

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