Zika virus warning for Mumbai

Zika virus warning for Mumbai
Zika virus warning for Mumbai
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After three people in Ahmedabad, Gujarat were infected with the virus, Indian Medical Association has asked Mumbai hospitals to stay on alert. The first case was spotted in February 2016, second in November 2016 and third in January 2017. These three cases were examined in a laboratory at Pune."Patients who died due to Zika virus were not registered till now. But, WHO gave a statement over three cases in India. Also, the number of people traveling abroad are high. In the same environment, the heat has increased and we all should keep ourselves and the area clean" said Health Minister, Dr. Deepak Sawant.
This disease is found among travelers and people need to be enlightened about the issue. Signs and symptoms of Zika virus are vague and can last for up to 1 week. Diagnosis of the virus is normally confirmed with a blood test.

Symptoms of Zika virus include:

joint pain
conjunctivitis (red eyes)
muscle pain
pain behind the eyes

The virus is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. Currently, there is no treatment for Zika virus. It has no vaccine or medication. Therefore, people suffering from Zika are advised to drink a lot of water and get enough rest. Pregnant women are at high risk and the child in the womb could suffer from a birth defect called ‘Microcephaly’
How to stay away from Zika

As there is no cure for Zika, it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Use mosquito repellents and keep those stinging insects away.

Don’t let water accumulate in your area as stagnant water is a breeding center for mosquitoes

Using window and door screens

Dr. Jayesh Lele from the Indian Medical Association says that no deaths have been recorded due to Zika. Stay safe and healthy, Mumbaikars.

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