Farmer’s market @ Ghatkopar

Farmer’s market @ Ghatkopar

Ghatkopar- Konkan Bhumi Pratisthan is filling the bridge between farmers and people by providing low-cost veggies available to people. Farmers have set up their stall at Ghatkopar’s Sankalp Seva Sangh wherein they are selling affordable vegetables. Residents are very happy that they get to buy good quality and affordable veggies. “We get to buy veggies directly from farmers and they are all fresh,” said Isha Arora, resident. Likewise, Nikita Gaikwad said that the veggie sellers buy vegetables at lower cost from farmers and sell it at a higher price to the consumers. “Due to this consumers and farmers suffer losses and so this farmers market is a very good initiative”.

Veggies          Cost
Methi               Rs. 10 
Spinach          Rs. 10 
Cauliflower     Rs. 10
Cabbage        Rs. 10
Tomato          Rs. 10 kg
Onion             Rs. 10 kg
Capsicum       Rs. 30 kg
Green chilies Rs. 20 kg
Cucumber       Rs. 40 kg
Green peas    Rs. 40 kg
Brinjal              Rs. 30 kg
Potato              Rs. 15 kg

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