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Greatest Mumbai Indian Players Ever

Greatest Mumbai Indian Players Ever
There were never any empty seats when these players were on show

Now that the IPL is unfortunately postponed indefinitely due to Covid-19, there’s never been a greater time as a cricket fan to look back and reminisce. Instead of worrying about when the league will return, let’s instead think back to the good times that the beautiful game of cricket has brought us.

The Mumbai Indians are the most successful IPL team to date and have racked up an immense five league titles so far, and have also managed to capture the Champions League Twenty20 twice. Off the field, they’ve also managed to be the most valuable franchise in the league and in 2017 they were the first IPL team to cross the $100 million mark in brand value. It’s no wonder then that they’ve had some truly outstanding players wear their uniform throughout the years.

So, here is a quick look at some of the greatest players to play for the dominating Mumbai Indian’s.

Kieron Pollard

This aggressive all-rounder bought great balance to the franchise and allowed them to command their control over the opposition. Kieron Pollard signed for the Mumbai Indian’s back in 2010 and his impressive stature and athletic ability made him an intimidating figure across the field. His great batting skills and ferocious hitting power soon made him a fan-favourite and helped the team become serial winners.

Pollard was also known for his larger than life personality and funny antics. Back in 2015, Pollard even taped his own mouth shut after the on-field umpires told him to keep quiet due to his outrageous capacity to get under the opponent’s skin. This strategy had the crowd in masses of laughter, but not only that, the Mumbai Indian’s went on to win the game by eighteen runs, proving it to be a world-class distraction.

Rohit Sharma 

Leading the Mumbai Indian’s to five titles as their captain is a pretty surefire way to cement your name on this list. That’s exactly what Rohit Sharma has done since he joined the franchise back in 2011 and became the captain in 2013. He is also one of only four players who have scored 5,000 career runs in the IPL, which is an incredible individual record. Sharma is normally an opening batsman and plays with an intensely vigorous but graceful style which allows him to capture so many runs. With Sharma as their captain, it’s no wonder that the Mumbai Indian’s are one of the favourites to retain the 2021 IPL at the best cricket betting sites.

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: These players were masters of the cricket ball

 Lasith Malinga

 Proving that it’s not only acclaimed batters that make the cut, Lasith Malinga is undoubtedly the best bowler in the IPL’s history. The right-armed fast bowler played 122 matches for the Mumbai Indian’s and picked 170 wickets in that time.

 The recently retired Malinga had an interesting style when bowling that looked like he was slinging the ball, earning him the nickname ‘Slinga Malinga’. It’s a style that obviously worked for him though, as batters facing him found themselves panicking as he made his run-up. Malinga even managed to go out in absolute glory, as the final ball he delivered for the Mumbai Indian’s in his last game in 2019, won the franchise it is fourth-ever title.

Sachin Tendulkar 

This entry will have surprised absolutely nobody. After all, this list was always going to have the Mumbai Indian’s official ‘Team Icon”, which is what Sachin Tendulkar became in 2014. In fact, Tendulkar is not just an icon of the Mumbai Indian’s, but also of the whole of India. The player became a legend after becoming the highest run scorer of all-time in international cricket, and also magically captained the side that won the 2011 World Cup. It was a great honour for Tendulkar to help attain the trophy, and he calls the victory not only a win for the team but for the entire nation.

Tendulkar has gone down in history as one of the greatest batsmen to ever play the game and he was so beloved in his time at the Mumbai Indian’s that they have chosen to retire the number 10 jersey as a permanent tribute to the man nicknamed the ‘God of Cricket’.

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