10 day fair begins at Mahim Dargah

    Mumbai  -  

    Mahim- The annual 10 day fair has begun at the Makhdum Ali Shah Mahimi dargah situated in the heart of Mahim.

    This year too, people across the world are visiting this shrine in large numbers. The Mumbai police are on high alert to maintain proper law and order during the ten day long festivities, in order to avoid any unnecessary hassles to visitors. “Along with the police force, the dargah committee also stays alert to keep a check on unlawful activities,” said Suhail Khandwani, Member of the dargah committee.

    Like every year, Mumbai police will be the first to visit the shrine, pay their respects and seek blessings. The Mumbai police has the privilege of laying the first chadar at the dargah each year.

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