16 year old drowns at Juhu Beach while no one rescues


It has not been the first time that humanity takes a peculiar turn when people think it more important to record a casualty in their mobile cameras instead of helping the stricken. This time it was right at the Juhu beach where its tidal waters gulped down a 16-year-old boy.
The incident is of Monday evening when 16-year-old Shahid went for an evening stroll to Juhu with his grandfather. He then went down in the waters to take a bath but then ended up getting stuck in the sea. Apparently, due to high tide, he got caught into the raging waves. At first, it took some time for his grandfather to come to terms, but when he did, he at once threw himself into the tidal waters, but it was too late. By the time he could just go 2 meters deep in the water, the waves had already carried the boy with him. On the other hand, the boy kept on crying for help by stretching his hands wide, but the people standing there felt it more important to capture the incident in their mobile phones instead.

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